Spring update


Somewhere in the Countryside

Still figuring out the subtle differences and similarities between Britain and Iberia:

Overwhelming shades of green everywhere with mostly different plants popping out from the ground. Macroscopically, the landscape is very familiar but when you zoom in, you see slightly different leaves.

Not that much new species to record but the ones I’ve observed are doing very different things from the ones I’m used to. That is equally puzzling and refreshing (never spent so much time looking at blackbirds)

I haven’t yet  got a glimpse on newts, native lizards and snakes. But still looking.

Nature seems very natural to the british people but you can see that it’s almost constantly managed. At the same time, people value their natural heritage and care for it but badgers keep on being culled, birds of prey are still being killed and moors are being burned. Not that much different from what I’m used to.

Today was warm and I was wearing short sleeves the whole day. I’m still pleasently surprised with the weather here.

The biggest negative is that I still miss some things, people and places from Home.


But I might just like it here.


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