Where are all the sparrows in UK?

One of the first things I noticed when arrived in Northern England was the almost complete lack of sparrows, even in the most urban environments. There’s a lot of speculation arond the causes for this absence. Pollution? Disease? Competition with other species? Climate?

Not that I’m particularly sad for this because, you see, there are other species hopping around so close to your camera that you have to take a step back to focus…


Reed bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus)


Not a particularly excinting day for birdwatching but first observations of Poecile palustris. So, only one tit left to check.


Winter migration

After another long hiatus – hibernation in a not that literal meaning – I have decided to travel North, following some bird migratory pathways, and do a stop-over on the British isles for some time. Biological analogies apart, this will be my head-quarters for now and an excuse to reactivate Guiadecampo – now FieldGuide – for whoever wants to read it.

The balance so far? a brave new world of a diversity of cuisines, chinese new year celebrations, quite different urban wildlife (magpies, tits and woodpigeons – where are the house sparrows?) and some new species, seen from my living room window: mergansers and pochards. Birdwatching reports and fieldsketching trips in their due time.

Not that diverse but with a great potential.